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Solarity Studios History

Solarity Studios, the Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami based video production service company and content marketing team is a dedicated collective of talented creative directors, composers, artists, photographers, and producers working together across multiple avenues. We offer our clients fully integrated regional, national & international video production, digital marketing and Video Marketing solutions to successfully market their business on all fronts.

Solarity Studios is a fully integrated production service company, specializing in music videos, television, motion graphics, photography and branded content. Creative founder Alex Kinter has comprised Solarity with a group of talented filmmakers and Post-production professionals.

Music Production & Sound Mixing Services - Music Scores - Music Liscensing - Field Mixing - Sound Design - Noise Reduction

The studio has worked for renowned companies like NatGeo Wild, Hollywood Domino, SpinSci, Stoli, The Fashionistas, Time and OpenKey. The company has also been involved in numerous entertainment productions involving celebrities like Will Ferell, Taryn Manning, Stephen King, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Sir Richard Branson and Dirk Nowitzki.

All film/tv production is generally divided into three phases:

Pre-production: this is all the work that you have to do before you start the shooting. This includes writing the script, casting the talent, designing sets and costumes, building sets, scouting locations and so on.

Production: this is where you actually shoot the video or film using all the materials you prepared during pre-production.

Post-production: this is where you edit your video, add sound effects, music scores, video and titles. This is also where you add visual/graphic effects.

In projects where there is a significant amount of computer-generated images -- like Gravity -- and in animation, these lines are blurred.

Music Production, Music Liscensing, Film Scoring, Field Mixing, Noise Reduction & Mixing Mastering Services

Professional Audio

Sound quality is essential to creating a cinematic video. Wireless microphones, booms and a good audio technician should be used on productions to create crisp, movie quality audio.


Field Mixing

Our team can provide access to experienced sound engineers and field audio professionals for projects in the likes of Broadcast Television, TV Shows, Film Production, Events, Red Carpets and Commercials.

Music Scores

Good quality music from a music library is another important element in cinematic videos. Music helps to move the video along and sets the mood for different scenes.

Music Liscensing

If a liscensed track with the right mood at the right budget is better suited for your project, we can most certainly make the accomodations. Perhaps the project calls for a popular track an audience is familiar with, our legal liscensing team can assist your brand with aquiring the rights.

Sound Design

This particular step in the music scoring or audio production process is where certain types of flare and flavor is added. From Sub sonic trailer hits to cinematic ambiences and whooshes. The main objective of this step is to aid and solidify the transitions and as well as the pace of the audio or visual piece.

Noise Reduction

The noise reductions aspect is a part of the sound mixing and mastering process that can make or break your audio or visual production. The skill and experience required to effectively do this role is significant. This step alone can mean your project sounding like a million dollar production or if it was done in a garage by amateurs. Even the greatest audio capture circimstances in a studio still require clean up and modification.

Audio Mastering

Once the music beds, voice over tracks and sound design arrangements are completed and in place - the audio channels are ready for the final polish. This is where the levels are are normalized to industry broadcast standards, tracks are put through the mastering compressor, channels are sumed and the work of the sound mixing truly comes to shine.

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