Jason Whitbeck
Director, DP & Creative Consultant
Jason Whitbeck - Solarity Studios - Director, DP & Creative Consultant

Jason Whitbeck

as a Director/DP, Jason has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, including Samsung, NEC, Sony, The Home Depot, JC Penney, Tony Roma's and more.

Creative Producer - Director - Storyteller

Growing up in Oklahoma and spending summers in upstate New York led to an early fascination with dialects and the way people behave. experiences like selling hot dogs in the streets of Albany, working on farms in Oklahoma and traveling the world, stirred his fascination with storytelling.

This fascination still exists today and is the catalyst that drives him to tell the stories of the people, brands, musicians and artists that he’s met on a long, interesting road.

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Solarity Studios is a fully integrated Dallas, LA Los Angeles, Miami video production & music production company, specializing in studio recording, music videos, commercials, photography, motion graphics, digital marketing, and branded content. Solarity Studios, the Dallas, LA Los Angeles, Miami based video production team is a dedicated collective of talented creative directors, composers, artists, photographers, and producers working together across multiple avenues.

Solarity Studios is based out of Dallas, Texas - LA Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida.


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