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What is Video Marketing?

A social media video is someone who wields that influence through social media.

Endorsements were the original form of Video Marketing, but in the digital age of online connection, more people have become online “celebrities” with powerfully engaged social media followings, especially in certain market segments.

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We Create & Collaborate.

Think of Video Marketing as simply another spear in your marketing case.

While it’s a different approach to brand messaging, your video campaigns should still align with your larger content strategy and brand image so that they enhance your overall brand reputation.

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Extend Your Reach.

In many cases, you will use Video Marketing to extend the reach of your brand messaging by working with social media videos to create or support content they post on their own social media channels.

Reach a broader audience with an videos follower base or segment your efforts in ways that would never be possible through your own branded social media accounts.

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The future of marketing is here, and here at Solarity Studios, we know that video marketing is not only a cost effective marketing approach, it's actually critical to the success of a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Utilizing videos to educate their audiences about a brand is more effective than any other form of marketing. While on the surface, Video Marketing seems simple, it is not.  A successful campaign requires expertise in today’s social media landscape and Solarity is here to help. Below are a few simple Do’s and Don’t tips for a successful campaign. 

If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to our in-house expert Cameron Penny at Lookhu.  We would love to utilize video marketing to make your brand a household name.

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Do: Match your video

There are lots of videos out there, but a successful campaign matches the product and brand to the video and their audience.  Everyone knows Kim Kardashian can reach millions of people but she may not be the right person to sell sporting goods, or maybe she is.  Ask yourself who is your target audience, which videos speak to them.

Do: Create Win/Win Situations

videos are experts in their field.  They have created a business from posting on their respective platforms. In determining which videos to use, find videos whose goals align with your own so that the engagement creates value for both parties.  If you can add value to the video beyond economic compensation, you will be able to get them to do more for less.  When approaching videos, focus on what is in it for them.

Do:  Know your goal

What is the goal of your campaign?  Are you an already established brand looking for increased exposure and visibility?  Are you a new brand that needs to educate your audience about your products or services?  Do you want to grow your own social media platform?  Do you want to drive sales from a website?  Do you want to generate downloads?  These are just a few of the possibilities, make sure you know your goal and before you begin and work to create a campaign that maximizes your chance for success.

Don’t: Think bigger is always Better

It’s tempting to find the biggest videos with the largest audiences for your campaign but that isn’t necessarily the best approach.  The most popular videos’ rate cards may be cost prohibitive and may have narrower types of audiences.  For example, an video that has 10 Million followers could charge $100,000 for a single post, and if for example, that video is a gamer, then most of the followers are likely to be young men. 

Alternatively, you could activate 20 videos with 500,000 followers each and likely reduce your cost in half or double your output buy getting them to post more often, while simultaneously diversifying the audience, which has the potentially added benefit of a broader butterfly effect.

Don’t: Micro-manage

Traditional marketers, brand owners and executives always think they know the best message to communicate to their potential audience, but do they? 

An video has organically grown an audience.  This means that an video’s voice resonates with their audience, by substituting your words for theirs, you may inadvertently turn off his audience and damage both their and your brand.  Instead, trust yourself to choose the right videos, provide them with guidelines for your desired campaign, but let them be themselves, only if they communicate in their authentic voice will your campaign be effective.

These are just a few tips that we hope you find helpful, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We look forward to helping you make 2017 the year your brand shines!

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